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TU Delft Centrifuge Calculator: Spherical Particles

This version of the calculator is for particles which are approximately spherical.

1. Particle Properties

particle density (kg/m3)

2. Solvent Properties

solvent density (kg/m3)

dynamic viscosity (Pa s)

3. Geometric Properties of the Centrifuge and Dispersion

rotor radius (mm)

dispersion height (mm)

4. Calculation

Two of the following three parameters have to be input, the other one will be calculated after pressing the corresponding "Calculate" button.

Cut-off particle radius means the radius of the largest particle left in the supernatant after centrifugation.

Cut-off particle radius (μm)

Centrifugation time (min)

Revolutions per minute (RPM)

The formula on which this calculator is based can be found in [1]. If you use this calculator in a publication, please cite this paper.

[1] Li et al., to be submitted.